2018 Remodeling Trends : Windows

2018 Remodeling Trends : Windows

Smart & energy efficient windows made Kunkun’s list of trends for 2018, something we’ve been installing for years is slowly becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Safety & security are consistently the most sought after home amenities while energy efficiency is gradually becoming more desirable.

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Kunkun reports :

Smart Windows

Technology has come a long way with the introduction of smart windows. It enables one to enjoy the features that function in terms with a connected home. Thermochromic windows, which come with tint adjustment and opacity adjustment features, are an added innovation to this technology-driven home design system. These adjustments on these smart windows are fully automated.

Window lock status sensor is another advancement, to mention. The device can be integrated seamlessly into your new or existing security system. It also enables one to check the window’s status, whether it is locked or unlocked.

If you are looking to bring that sophisticated look to your home design, smart windows are one of the best options. This year, this window technology is more likely to be trending.

Energy Efficient Windows

Due to energy and cost savings as well as, improved comfort, energy-efficient windows have now become a most favored choice for many. Rightly selected and installed energy efficient windows can eventually reduce the heating, lighting and cooling expenses you may have. Awning windows, vinyl windows, sliding tilt windows, and bay and bow windows are some of the trending ones.

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