Smart Home Cyber Security

Smart Home Cyber Security

Good Morning America brought UK Cyber Security Expert, James Lyne, in to talk about smart home security. The GMA segment (posted below beside his recent Ted Talk) features Lynn easily hacking DIY smart home devices and connected gadgets because of a weak default wifi password. In his Ted Talk, Lynn introduces you to today’s cyber criminals and shows you how hard they’re working.

The moral of both stories, make your passwords secure and don’t click or download things. Ever.

Sophos reports :

With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoS), it feels like everything is tied to the internet now: not just your phones and tablets, but your car, your camera, and for more and more people, your entire house if you have a smart home.

Securing your IoT devices is something everyone can and should do – right away. Sophos Cyber Security Advisor James Lyne appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning to demonstrate just how easy it is to hack into a smart home through its devices. He also talked about the steps everyone should take to secure their internet-connected devices – specifically, updating your software and making sure to replace factory-default passwords to ensure your IoT devices are not vulnerable to attack.

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