Smart Homes for Veterans

Smart Homes for Veterans

Serious Audio Video is proud to support and work with organizations that provide disabled military veterans with smart home technologies that improve their lives. Many of the men and women who come home from combat stations come back with debilitating injuries that effect their daily lives. With the help of smart home technologies these veterans can lead normal/happy lives without needing assistance with many daily activities.

Veteran Affairs’ VA Vantage reports :

For many Veterans leaving from active duty, there is a certain level of adjustment that needs to be made to return to the day to day routine of civilian life. For some lucky individuals it can be simple as waking up whenever they want.

However, there are others whose adjustment has been a lot more difficult due to injuries sustained whilst on duty. These injuries can impact significantly the ways in which Veterans can finish regular household duties and responsibilities that many take for granted; answering the door, changing a light bulb, cleaning the house and many other household chores.

With the rapid growth of smart home technology sector over the last five years, many people have been refurbishing and updating their homes with amazing new gadgets designed to improve the quality of life by making homes more convenient. However, for injured Veterans these technical solutions are more important than a convenience; they are recovering independence.

Some of the key smart devices that have been found to be essential for severely injured Veterans include:

  • Smart thermostats: These devices have been particularly important for Veterans with amputations to help regulate body temperature. Many Veterans with amputations often report feeling overheated due to reduced body mass, and the thermostats not only allow them to change settings via their smartphone but also control which room’s temperature needs to be adjusted so that other family members’ comfort isn’t impacted.
  • Smart home security: Security at home is often a priority for Veterans and the RISE smart homes include a full suite of smart security devices including smart door locks, doorbell cameras, security cameras, alarms, and sensors. Smart home security in addition to reducing the physical demands on the Veteran can assist in the relief of some of the symptoms of PTSD.
  • Lighting and appliance control: Being able to control lighting from the smartphone not only allows less mobile Veterans to control their surroundings but it also increases the comfort level for those who have experienced extreme burns by reducing the intensity of the lighting.
  • Motorized furniture and appliances: The smart homes can include motorization of doors, stoves, cupboards in order to provide easier access to Veterans confined to wheelchairs or have restricted mobility.

One of the downsides of these technical solutions is that they are not always cheap and they take a lot of knowledge and expertise to set up properly. Fortunately, there are a few wonderful charity foundations which provide financial support for housing for Veterans. I would like to introduce them to you for those who require that extra support but also for those who wish to donate.

The two most notable companies, supported by Veteran Affairs, are Gary Sinise Foundation’s RISE ProgramStephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Building for America’s Bravest Program

If you are in the position to make a donation, please help them make a difference.




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