Surge In Smart Home Device Ownership

Surge In Smart Home Device Ownership

Smart home device ownership & popularity has surged in recent years, with 49% of people surveyed report owning smart devices and more than 50% showing interest in them.

Many still report apprehension in making the leap, because consumer grade technologies don’t offer enough privacy assurance. Entry level and affordable technologies sell the data they collect to third parties and don’t update their security features nearly enough. Professionally installed smart systems offer far more security features. Consumers also need to begin utilizing best practices in password selection and maintenance to ensure they and their data are safe.

AI & IOT Today reports :

Smart home devices are catching on in the U.S., with a third of consumers now owning two or more smart home devices, according to a new study by GfK Research. Almost half (49%) of consumers own at least one smart home device.

The majority (58%) of consumers say the smart home is likely to change their lives in the next few years. The study comprised a survey of 1,000 U.S. online adults. The smart home was defined as a smart house in which most things are interconnected and excluded smart TVs, smart set-top boxes and health and fitness devices.

Among new technologies, consumer cited the smart home as the most likely to impact them. Here are the top technologies and trends consumers say will have an impact on their lives:

  • 58% — Smart home
  • 52% — Mobile payments
  • 39% — Wearable technology
  • 38% — Cloud computing
  • 31% — Connected cars

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