Multi Room Audio

It's well documented that music helps improve health, manage pain and alleviate stress. It's been said that Hippocrates, "The Father of Western Medicine", used music to help treat his patients. A multi-room audio system is an excellent way to improve your lifestyle and give your home (or each of it's rooms) a unique soundtrack and ambiance.

Over the past decade, sound around the house or 'multi room audio', has become a major aspect of contemporary living. Having sound around the house in the old days was a limited proposition. Typically, it involved a boom box or mini stereo system in every room, complete with large speakers & unsightly wires. With the advent of digital music sources like satellite/internet radio and MP3 playlists, family members want to enjoy their favorite music on demand. Multi-room audio enables everyone in the family to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want... With the push of a button or, swipe of the finger.

The loudspeakers used in today's multi room audio systems look and perform far better than loudspeakers did just a few years ago. Today, loudspeakers can seamlessly blend with your decor, or built right into walls and ceilings. Technologies have advanced to the point where the sound of in-wall or ceiling-mount loudspeakers rival older bookshelf or floor standing loudspeakers. Your house gets all that great sound and none of the ugly baggage associated with box-type loudspeakers.

Outdoor sound is also growing in popularity, modern loudspeaker manufacturers have weatherproof speaker options that blend seamlessly with architectural or natural surroundings.  This means that you can personalize every space, indoors or out, with terrific sound.

The system can be easily controlled or monitored through a number of user friendly apps on today's smartphones, tablets and iPods.

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