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Buffalo-Wild-Wings-Sports-Bar-Serious-Audio-VideoThe latest Buffalo Wild Wings by Serious Audio Video is a fully integrated using Elan’s user-friendly g! interface. The restaurant’s HVAC, lighting, motorized blinds, security cameras and audio/video systems are easily controlled using a conveniently docked iPad at the waiter-station, the touch-panel controls in the equipment rack and using upper-managements’ smartphones.

The projection screens & TV’s over the bar set up to resemble a scoreboard and a number of TV’s throughout, make the big game easily viewable throughout the bar and dining area. Short-throw projectors make the most out of the smaller space, delivering cinema-quality projection from only a couple of feet away.

As always, this system was designed with the customers entertainment and the staff’s convenience in mind. Pre-set schedules and iPad-controls-Elan-g-Serious-audio-video-buffalo-wild-wingscustomized single touch controls make it possible to open/close the restaurant in a fraction of the time. If a customer wants a channel changed, management can do it at the table (using their smartphone).

All the necessary hardware that operates the integrated system is stored in a conveniently located closet, adjacent to the manager’s office. Touch screen controls and a live TV preview make it easy to adjust the ambiance of the bar & dining area from the back room. The custom build equipment rack is locked and password protected, ensuring the system isn’t tinkered with by well meaning and untrained employees.

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