Backyard Cinephiles

These smart home clients contacted us when they were redoing their backyard because they wanted the comforts of their living room out on the back patio. They love to lounge by the fire, watching a good movie, and would really like to bring that to their outside space. Ideally something they could use even when it wasn’t summer time.

We recommended an outside TV from Sunbrite that could withstand the elements all year round, so they wouldn’t have to worry about taking it down every winter. The in ceiling speakers and sound-bar combine to deliver high quality sound whether listening to music or watching a movie. The fireplace makes it possible to enjoy the balcony well in to fall and on crisp winter nights. Tamper resistant motion controlled security cameras at points of interest and entry give them added peace of mind, real time alerts and app controls help them know their family is safe and their home is secure 24/7.

The TV, sound system, security cameras and fireplace are seamlessly controlled by the Elan smart home control platform, they can monitor and operate their whole home system from anywhere they have a reliable internet connection.


Smart common area control platform by :

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