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In our ongoing deal with Buffalo Wild Wings, this is the 5th area B.W.W system designed and installed by Serious Audio Video.

With 70 HD Sharp TVs (ranging from 60-90 inches) easily controlled in groups or individually, it’s impossible to miss a moment of the big game in their two dining rooms, bar area or heated outdoor patio. By hanging two 200 inch screens back to back, both dining areas can be treated as a main dinning room; every table is the best seat in the house. For those busy nights with several major sporting events, the NEC HD projector can split the screen in to four different 100 inch images, adding to the number of possible screens. Crystal clear sound pumps from the 55 Sound Tube pendant speakers, each hanging 6 ft from the ceiling. And, for the sports fan who wants to hear his/her game better, B.W.W has a number of independent free-standing Sport Select speakers that can be brought to a customer’s table.

The system rack conveniently houses all the necessary hardware in one out-of-the-way location. The on-duty manager can easily monitor or adjust the HVAC, TVs, audio and CCTV using an iPad (mounted near the bar) or his/her smartphone.

If you’re in the Jersey Shore, we highly recommend catching a game at Buffalo Wild Wings, Toms River.

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