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When this growing family started building their dream home they contacted us to help design their dream home control platform. They wanted something stylish, user friendly enough for the kids & grandparents and they wanted something that would make everyone feel safe; especially when mom and dad travel for work.

We proposed an extensive Elan system with seamless installation and fool proof security features.

The front door and rear points of entry are guarded with tamper proof security cameras durable enough to withstand even the harshest winter elements, real time alerts are sent to mom and dad’s phone when the doorbell is rung or suspicious activity is detected. Two way audio communication gives them the ability to answer the door from anywhere in the world.

The foyer is equipped with a state of the art touch panel seamlessly installed in the custom designed wood grain with ventilation to prevent over heating. The whole home system is easily controlled from any of the strategically positioned touch panels, each is also equipped with a video intercom for easy communication.

The living room is the main gathering place for the family, we designed it to be easy to use and were mindful of the limited space. The slim bezeled TV doesn’t take up any extra space and the in ceiling Kef speakers blend in to the decor while delivering theater quality sound. The Elan touch panel makes it easy to switch from TV, to movies, to music or shut the whole system down with the push of a button. Plus, if anything goes bump in the night, they can quickly check the live feeds from any or all of the security cameras. Again, seamless installation makes everything blend in, so nothing becomes an eyesore.

The guest bedrooms are equipped with smart TVs that display art when not in use. Low profile in ceiling speakers, a sound bar and subwoofer makes watching movies in bed just as enjoyable as in the main living room. An Elan HR2 remote makes it easy to dim the lights, set the alarms and start a cinema quality movie watching experience without getting out from under the covers.

Even the kids’ room has a two way video intercom, making them easy to check on or communicate with when it’s time for dinner or get ready for bed.

A touch panel in the high tech bathroom means you never have to run down in a towel if the phone or doorbell rings when you’re in the shower.

The roof deck, patio and backyard are equipped with weatherproof speakers and durable security cameras that can withstand anything mother nature throws at them. They love to BBQ in the summer months and the speakers are designed to send crystal clear audio down onto their yard without disturbing the whole neighborhood.

As always, the hub that controls everything is stored in an equipment rack that is conveniently stored in one location. Easily upgraded or serviced when the family is ready to add new home control elements to their impressive system.


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