Smart Retirement

Retiring in total comfort with plenty of gadgets to keep the grandkids entertained.

A previous client recommended our services to their parents while their dream home was under construction. After our initial walkthrough, we decided Elan Home Systems was the best control platform for the scope of the system they had in mind. The home’s lighting, motorized blinds, HVAC, security, irrigation, multi-room audio, multi-room video, CCTV/Nanny Cams, garage and front doors are easily monitored and controlled through a variety of touch panels located conveniently throughout the house.

With decades of DVDs, VHS tapes and home movies, they wanted something that would help them digitize and store all that data as well as stream it to the various rooms in their new home. Most importantly, it had to be user friendly.

Combining the VidaBox Media System with smart home controls by Elan Home Systems, they’re now able to stream their home movies, family photos and Hollywood movies to any TV of the house, inside and out.

The custom tailored Elan g! app is incredibly user-friendly; easily accessed using an iPhone, iPad or Android Device from down the hall, across town or while traveling the globe.

Smart Home Control Platform :

Elan Home Systems

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