Taco Truck Morristown

The newly expanded Taco Truck opened it’s latest location in Morristown, NJ. Serious Audio Video came in to install the security/CCTV system, Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, iPad registers and digital signage. Everything is easily controlled via Elan’s user-friendly “Elan G!” desktop & mobile apps.  The biggest Taco Truck location (so far), they wanted to offer customers a public Wi-Fi network, the Serious Crew had it all set up & ready to rock in no-time.

The hinged floating rack makes servicing and upgrading their system easy. Just unlock the rack, unhook the latch and swing it open for easy access.

The Elan G! desktop & mobile app make it easy to give employees limited access to controls while managers and business owners have access to more features and control options.

Including – Multi-Room Audio & Video, Digital Signage, iPad P.O.S., CCTV/Security and Elan Smart Business Controls.

Smart Business Control Platform :

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