Multi Room Video

If you want to watch TV in more than one room, you have to rent multiple cable boxes from your service provider OR employ a multi-room video system and stream TV & video from a number of sources (web, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, cable provider, hard drive, Blu-Ray, etc.) to any TV in your home. All of the necessary hardware like cable boxes & game systems get stored in a central location, freeing your home of unsightly clutter. With a properly designed and installed distributed video system, you can enjoy all of these sources in any room of your house.

A multi room video system from Serious Audio Video allows 1 Apple TV, cable box, Blu-ray Player, web browser or Media Server to be shared with any TV on your network.

Wiring : The wiring used will vary depending on the video source and the length of the run. HDMI cabling is the most commonly used, but it has definite distance limitations, going beyond that distance will greatly diminish t he video quality. Many systems use Category rated (Cat5/6) wiring or coax cable to send video up to hundreds of feet around a home.

Control : Easily synced in to your smart home, a multi-room video system is controlled or monitored through a user-friendly interface and/or an app on your smartphone/tablet.

Audio : Just as important as routing the video to the TV is routing the audio. Will audio be heard through the television's speakers or as part of a distributed audio system? In-wall, in-ceiling or free standing speakers from your multi-room audio system can be linked in to your multi-room video system, or use your cinema quality surround sound with your multi-room audio system.

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