Boa Lounge, Hoboken

Winner of a prestigious Integration Award and chosen as the top Bar/Restaurant System of the Year.

Boa’s system was highlighted by Elan/Core Brands and appeared on the pages of Commercial Integrator Magazine

This project was immense in scale and scope… The design team at Serious AV came up with an audio and video concept that had never been attempted in a nightclub setting. Upon entering, through the upscale dining area, customers are greeted with an inviting ambiance; the lighting, entertainment and security all easily monitored and controlled via Elan’s user-friendly “Elan g!” mobile & desktop app.

Beyond the dining area, Boa’s 3 floor nightclub is among the biggest in the tri-state area. Every square inch has been custom built and designed for the ultimate club going experience. Ninety top-of-the-line speakers pump 30,000 watts of crystal clear audio throughout, making Boa a favorite among club goers, DJ’s and audiophiles alike.

The thing that really sets Boa apart from it’s competition is the PrimeView “Smart Film” projection window, the first installed in the United States. The treated glass can be frosted or unfrosted with the push of a button & have an HD image projected against it without glare or losing transparency. The eighteen foot by ten foot window separates the 3rd floor VIP Bar from the rest of the club, adding wow factor and a sense of privacy.

The technology used to realize this solution is so new, the directions only came in Cantonese. Serious flew in one of PrimeView’s top technicians from Hong Kong to assist with installation of a truly unique club atmosphere.


Featuring – Elan Smart Business Automation, Custom Built “Speaker Chandelier”, PrimeView Smart Film HD Projection Window (The 1st in the U.S), Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, Custom Designed Lighting Displays & HD Security CCTV Cameras w/ Remote Access.

Smart Business Control Platform :

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(The name of Boa Lounge has been changed to Reign Nightclub)

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