CCTV for Peace of Mind

After spending some time in their fully integrated smart home, a growing family in the suburbs wanted CCTV / Surveillance added to their Elan Smart Home System. As appealing as the unmatched level of peace of mind was, they were concerned that adding a myriad of cameras to their property would be too much of an eyesore. While searching for installers who specialized in systems that were aesthetically pleasing, Elan Home Systems referred them to Serious Audio Video.

Serious Audio Video installed a number of infrared Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras, from IC Real Time, in the house and around the property. Most of the exterior cameras are hidden and camouflaged, keeping their new CCTV system out of sight/out of mind, as requested.

Everything is easily monitored from anywhere in the world with user-friendly controls from Elan.

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