Holiday Smart Home

This fully equipped New Jersey smart home has all the bells and whistles. Finished just in time to entertain their family and friends over the holiday season, they have plenty of new toys to show off.

The Aiphone video intercom and access control system at the front and back doors make it easy to see who’s at the door and let them in from any of the Aiphone units inside or the homeowner’s tablets and smart devices. The Elan  Home Systems 7inch touch panels in the foyer and other strategic locations control every aspect of the home; including HVAC, lighting, multi-room audio, multi-room video and CCTV security cameras.

The living room hides an in-wall surround sound and an HD TV set, completely out of sight when not in use. The mirror is actually a Seura Vanishing HD TV mounted on a wall that hides an invisible surround sound system with two big in-wall subwoofers. The adjacent dining room’s in-ceiling speakers stream sound from the multi-room audio system, the electric fireplace easily switches on completing the room’s ambiance at the push of a button.

In the kitchen, a smart TV hangs above one of the Aiphone video intercom monitors and a Launchport iPad docking station. The bezel-less in-ceiling speakers provide great sound while keeping a low profile. The Elan g! app on the homeowner’s iPad monitors and controls each of the smart home’s subsystems.

Upstairs, in the master bedroom, a smart TV combined with MartinLogan speakers brings a cinema quality experience in to the bedroom. The luxurious master bath has water proof speakers and touch screen controls in the shower. Easily change the water temperature, and various home subsystems from the shower… You can even answer the door from the shower.

The guest bedrooms and bathrooms are part of the multi-room audio system and have Aiphone video intercom access points nearby. Their guests will always feel at home.

Who needs a mancave when you have a man-nest? The top floor of the newly updated smart home has a PS4 gaming system, Anthony Gallo speakers and two big subwoofers, putting players right in the middle of the action.

The detail oriented CCTV system peers into every nook and cranny surrounding the home, giving the home owners complete peace of mind anytime something goes bump in the night.

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