Fit Foundry : Hoboken

The owners of the newly opened Fit Foundry in Hoboken set out to create a fun environment that would motivate their clients to forge ahead toward fitness goals. Offering yoga, group classes and one on one sessions, they planned to have a number of things happening simultaneously and they wanted a smart business system that didn’t distract management or staff.

We designed a powerful and easy to use system that blends seamlessly with their industrial setting. Soundtube Pendant speakers line the ceiling with strategically placed subwoofers provide bass so strong it’ll make your spine tingle. The equally equipped yoga room is a zone of it’s zone, giving teachers the option to create a more serene setting.

Fit Foundry iPhone Jack Serious Audio VideoBoth rooms have 3.5 jacks, giving trainers and teachers the ability to play their own custom play lists from their mp3 player or smart devices. Giving them the option to customize their music helps them make their classes unique.

The finished system compliments Fit Foundry’s aesthetic and mission statement perfectly. It’s easy enough to use without any specialized training and provides a powerful enough sound to help get you through that last set… No pain no gain, Fit Foundry is now open in Hoboken, NJ.


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