Hoboken Smart Home

This new smart home system is incredibly detail oriented and didn’t leave a single stone unturned. The homeowners came to us with a vision for their new home during construction. They wanted a system that was easy enough for their four kids to use while still giving mom & dad the ability to lock them out of various functions and entertainment options.

Walk in the front door and you’re greeted by a sleek Elan touch panel that controls the home’s HAVC, lighting, motorized blinds, security cameras, HD doorbell camera, multi-room audio and multi-room video in every room.

2016_SAV_July15_2427The modern kitchen and sitting area have inductive charging LaunchPort docking station for the family’s iPad.

The kids’ playroom has a low profile security camera that gives mom & dad a quick/easy way to check in from the Elan touch panels as well as their smartphones or tablets.

Upstairs, the family TV room delivers a Hollywood cinema-going experience. The hidden surround sound system is seamlessly installed inside the walls and ceiling. The in-wall speakers & subwoofer are hidden within the drywall and painted over with special paint that won’t soften the sound. Combined with the bezel less in-ceiling speakers, the powerful sound system is completely out of sight & out of mind. Their 65′ LG OLED 4K smart-TV delivers a vibrant and crystal clear picture while streaming video feeds from a number of sources; including Apple TV, Netflix/Amazon apps, Blu-Ray, broadcast and web-based programming. The Elan HR2 remote can easily alternate between controlling the entertainment options and the smart home technologies.

2016_SAV_July15_2456All the necessary hardware is stored in an equipment rack in dad’s office. Custom built to fit each of the gadgets that power the smart home’s various amenities, it can be added to should the family decide to add new home technologies.

Motorized blinds were installed in the kids’ bedrooms, making it easy for mom and dad to wake them up in the morning with the push of a button.

Each of the bathrooms are equipped with a motion sensor above the door. It senses when someone enters and leaves the room, so nobody ever has to fumble for a light switch in the dark.

The master suite is like staying in a nice hotel. The motorized blinds can be programmed to open with the sunrise or to block out the sun on days mom and dad get to sleep in. The flat panel TV can show each of the home’s security camera feeds or show them all simultaneously. Their master bathroom continues the hotel vibe with a sleek Elan touch panel for easy access to the home control system. Waterproof speakers from Khols in the shower play audio from the multi-room audio and video systems while an iPod touch installed within a waterproof housing controls every2016_SAV_July15_2468 aspect of the smart home system and streams video from any of the sources available throughout the house. Lasty, the balcony overlooking their outside space has Bose all weather speakers, powerful enough to be heard downstairs and durable enough to stand up to the harsh seasonal weather.

It’s always refreshing when a client comes with a vision of their dream home system and we bend over backwards to ensure it all works as intended. Each of the home’s subsystems are seamlessly synced in to the same control platform, giving them one user-friendly app with the power necessary for a smart home technology system this size.


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