Prime Cycle Hoboken

Prime Cycle in Hoboken’s Maxwell Place challenges it’s members to “Achieve a Prime state of fitness while having fun“.

They offer an upbeat atmosphere befitting the intensity of their workouts.. So, Prime Cycle wanted to upgrade their studio they had to find an A/V installer who was up to the challenge of creating a big sound system that didn’t disturb the neighbors. The system Serious Audio Video delivered completely cut the noise bleeding into the neighborhood, increased the sound quality/distribution throughout the studio and it was far more user-friendly than their previous system. Now, trainers can change the lighting, music, HVAC and the ambiance of class while monitoring their students’ progress without getting off their stationary bike. User-friendly iPad controls make it easy to stream playlists from a number of sources, including the studio’s public Spotify account.

After a round of soundproofing, a DBX Limiter was installed, ensuring the music is never turned up above a pre-set decibel level. That, combined with strategically placed Sound Tube pendant and directional speakers, the studio owners can be sure the audio pumps in the right direction. Prime Cycle is now free to motivate their clients without upsetting their neighbors.

All the necessary hardware is stored in a central location, conveniently in the manager’s office.

Featuring – Multi-Room Audio, Sound Proofing, Precision Audio Controls & Lighting Controls.

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