Serious Man Cave

This Elan powered man cave is the ultimate escape for a man with a lot on his plate. a mix of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver audio throughout, without causing unsightly eyesores. The lighting, audio, video, security cameras, fireplace and temperature controls are easy to adjust to the perfect settings with the Elan g! app on the homeowners’ smart phone and tablet.

The custom designed bar area is fully stocked with all the booze and entertainment he can ask for. Whether entertaining guests or escaping in solitude, the seamless controls make it easy to watch TV, play a movie or start a dance party. The bar itself even lights up with a colorful glow that’ll match the mood lighting in the ceilings and theater.

Moving in to the home theater, the cinema quality projector, speakers and subwoofers bring Hollywood home. A moviegoing experience that can win over true

cinephiles and casual movie fans alike, the only thing missing is the overpriced snacks. The luxury leather seats are fully automated

and come equipped with cup holders and retractable snack trays. Finished off with a fiber-optical starry night sky in the ceiling from Starscape.

The sitting area, poker room and personal gym continue the trend of having a powerful audio/video system that doesn’t compromise living space for hardware. The invisible speakers and seamless controls make it possible to give each room its own unique soundtrack or play the same audio throughout. They can even play the movie being screened in the theater at the other TVs in the man cave.

All of the necessary hardware is gathered in an equipment rack that’s conveniently stored in a spare closet. This sleek and powerful smart home system covers all the bases but still leaves room to grow, should they decide to add more subsystems throughout the home.

This is what it means to get Serious.


Smart home control platform by :

Elan Home Systems

Rocky 3 & Spider-Man : Far From Home are available wherever movies are sold.


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