Smart Home & Entertainment for the Family

A new family wanted to recess their entertainment system’s main components (Smart TV, Surround Sound, etc.), so they and their young children didn’t have to sacrifice living space. Unfortunately, their walls couldn’t support the design; so we built a custom load-bearing housing for the Smart TV & Surround Sound. Measuring half the depth of the hardware, the housing holds the TV & speakers half in/half out of the wall. The additional in-wall subwoofer and ultra thin bezel in-ceiling speakers give their living room a cinema quality movie watching experience.

The Serious Crew also installed the family’s existing A/V and integrated it within the multi-room audio & video system. Creating a centralized out-of-the-way communications hub; the cable boxes, amplifiers, modems, gaming consoles and networking receivers are all housed in a sleek A/V cabinet by Salamander. Powered by URC, the Complete Control System makes it possible to control the multi-room audio, multi-room video and automated drapery with one user friendly remote.

Featuring – Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, In-Celling Speakers, LED Lighting & Motorized Drapery

Smart Home Control Platform :


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