Smart Home in Hoboken, NJ

With a newborn baby and hectic work schedule, this growing family listed comfort and security as their top priorities. We installed the Elan g! Home Automation System, helping them control various systems in their home either on site or remotely. Elan’s Whole Home Systems control lighting, climate, security cameras, multi-room audio/video systems and even door locks. Giving you added peace of mind when keeping your home and family safe & secure.

Not to be outdone, their entertainment system is nothing to scoff at. The multi-room audio & video systems feed into a number of Smart TVs and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, producing top quality sound & picture. The hardware controlling all of this is stored neatly in a custom built racking system in a basement closet.

For wow-factor, this family installed a Seura mirror in the dining room that hides a vanishing TV set.

Featuring – HD Security Cameras w/ Remote Access : Multi-Room Audio : Multi-Room Video : Touch Panel Controls : Mirror TV

Smart Home Control Platform :

Elan Home Systems

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