Upgraded Man Cave

One of the first dedicated man caves we ever designed was ready for an upgrade. The Elan smart home system we designed here in 2013 was built with the plan of adding to it when the homeowner’s lifestyle necessitated & budget allowed it.

When he came to us, the homeowner knew what he wanted but didn’t know the best way to go about it. He knew he wanted to hook his turntables into the whole home audio system and he wanted to add impressive speakers to the man-cave that would compliment the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers we previously installed. He also wanted to expand his home control system by adding more audio zones, door locks and two-way communication to the doorbell.

When faced with the challenge of installing the KEF ls50 speakers we opted to create shelf space instead of taking up shelf space behind the bar. By cutting into the sheetrock and building custom shelves we were able to prominently display these beautiful and powerful speakers slightly recessed into the wall.

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