Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Walls

Indoor & Outdoor LED Digital Signage

Major retailers, hotels, nightclubs, corporations, hotels, concert halls, houses of worship, shopping centers, tourist attractions and small businesses can benefit from digital signage. Serious Audio Video partner, Absen, is the largest and most reliable LED signage company in the world. With permanent installations around the world and mobile screens on tour with A-list entertainers, Absen’s lightweight and durable LED screens get the attention your business deserves.

billboard-nigeria-003BILLBOARD & DIGITAL SIGNAGE

Enhance your advertising message with LED displays
  • Tailor your message to different audiences and times
  • Create high impact visual experience for your advertisements
  • Remotely control and monitor the screen
  • Maximum screen brightness with low power consumption

retail-taiwan-006MALLS & RETAIL

Draw customers in with a cutting edge digital display
  • Dynamic visual affects that improve curb appeal
  • Target impulse buyers with specials and sales
  • Increase branding and customer recognition
  • Set ambience, tone and in-store mood with video content


Enhance your image with LED displays
  • Gaming and Casinos
  • Sportsbook
  • Nightclubs
  • Theaters

sports-las-vegas-nevada-003SPORTS & STADIUMS

From Junior Varsity to the Big Leagues
Absen Provides Turnkey Stadium Solutions
  • Ultramodern LED scoring & timing systems
  • Banner advertisements around the field & each level
  • Attention grabbing signage inside and out
  • Full wall screens and digital signage for the inside & out

corporate-shanghai-china-005CORPORATE SOLUTIONS

LED displays provide a dynamic, bright content rich format for corporations to deliver their message, communicate across the globe, and monitor business.

  • Broadcast
  • Showrooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Lobby Displays

hotel-johannesburg-south-africa-004HOTELS & CONVENTION

Enhance your image with LED displays
  • Visitor information screens with low power consumption
  • Increase branding and customer recognition
  • Create state of the art convention and conference rooms
  • Promote in house events or nearby attractions and partners


transportation-qingzhou-china-003Bus, Train or Air

Information, Advertising & Control

  • Traveler information screens with low power consumption
  • Dynamic visual marketing handling multiple clients each day
  • Seamless zero bezel LED wall with color uniformity
  • Modernize your transportation hub


Spread the Good Word with Absen LED Display Solutions
  • Attract the congregation with a cutting edge display
  • Ensure every member has the best seat in the house
  • Take your passion play and spectaculars to the next level
  • Bring in remote feeds for speakers or guests
  • Add a dynamic visual experience to His message

absen-led-ceilingThe Absen Advantage

  • Turnkey solutions
  • A nationwide service and support team available 24/7
  • Fantastic bright displays with low power consumption
  • Installed in over 120 countries around the world


Absen is one of the world’s largest LED manufacturers. Its thirty-acre southeast China facility is ideally located in the center of the globes tech-manufacturing base. With a monthly capacity of over 75 million LEDs, this sophisticated factory creates cutting edge products that lead the LED industry in design, performance and efficiency.

Centralized facilities, a focused product line and economies of scale permit Absen to choose the best possible suppliers who share our corporate values allowing deep, long lasting partnerships to grow. The strength of these supply networks is unmatched by other organizations without the scale or cultural knowledge to best source these relationships. All along production, ruthless quality control standards ensure peak performance of products.

Absen has installations in over 120 countries. With 80% of Absen’s total sales revenue coming from overseas; the goal has been to meet the demands and standards of an international cliental. With eight regional offices in the U.S., Germany, Dubai, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia, Absen has focused on a localization model to provide the highest level of production, sales, and support to each region.

Absen is a publicly traded company, with the capital reserves to innovate, invest and acquire in the next generations of LED technology. Combined with an entrepreneurial and forward looking corporate culture, Absen will continue to lead the industry, providing crisper, smaller pitch screens that are cost effective, quick to install, easy to maintain, and provide the best possible experience to our clients and their end users, allowing their message to shine.

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