Kii Speakers

Kii Speakers

Hidden behind the beauty of the Kii THREE is an amazing speaker that is small enough to fit easily intomodern living spaces. It doesn’t take over your habitat like a huge old audiophile setup, there are no racks, no big towers, no cables to trip over.

Not only do Kii speakers use current technology to build a Kii3-speakersmodern active speaker system, but the advanced technology from the ground up where is employed it in ways no one has done before. What may appear to be a cute pair of speakers at first sight, is really a powerful audio system that effortlessly outperforms all others.

The clarity and detail, the impressive time coherence and most importantly the handling of the room acoustics let the listener dive right into the magical experience of a great record, more so than even the best conventional (passive) setups are able to. All the innovations inside this speaker serve one single purpose: to be more truthful to the music!

But Kii didn’t stop there. This modern sound system is easy to use. With its wireless link the Kii THREE interfaces directly with modern WISA enabled streamers and players. Of course the speakers also power up and down automatically. Just kick your shoes off, hit play on your streamer and sit back.

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