URC Case Study

URC Case Study

Turning a barebones condo into a stunningly elegant showpiece isn’t always easy when there’s a firm budget in place. Add to the renovation plans a few modern technologies like a whole-house audio system, motorized draperies and a complete home automation system, and frugality becomes even more futile. The owners of this 2,500-square-foot condo weren’t about to let their dreams of creating a modern, sophisticated home environment become a financial nightmare, though, and wisely contacted the home systems integrators at Serious Audio Video, of Union City, N.J., to guide them through their high-tech options. As they learned about the various latest, exciting products and systems available, their plans evolved from a simple request for a flat-panel TV mounted to a wall in the family room to include an assortment of technologies that would automate nearly every room of the residence. Remarkably, with the help of Serious Audio Video they also discovered that high style and elegance doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

For this project, we let the owners’ minimalist design goals dictate much of our high-tech plans for the condo,” explains Serious Audio Video president Casey S. Johnston. “We knew the systems we chose had to be as uncomplicated and uncluttered as the condo’s aesthetic and would need to be installed in a way that wouldn’t dominate the decor and design. The URC® Total Control system met both of these goals, and fit well within the owners’ modest budget.”

 ”Instead of selling them a product, we gave them a lifestyle.” ~ Casey S. Johnston
(President : Serious Audio Video Inc.)

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