California Audio Technology (C.A.T)

California Audio Technology (C.A.T)

For those of you who’ve met our Operations Manager, Rick, you know he’s about 5’11-ish… An audiophile, techie and gear head, Rick is more than impressed with the performance of CAT’s ELITE speakers (pictured). These California Audio Technology speakers tower over him, with a whopping $320,000 price tag (for a pair) the CAT ELITE Speakers bring unparalleled sound to your home or place of business. Built with rare materials, machine cut and customized to fit your decor, CAT is the go to for “A” list music performing artists and Fortune 500 Executive alike. 

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More of the CAT Elite :

CAT ELITE’s proprietary drivers are armed with substantially larger, more powerful neodymium magnets (the backbone of the driver motors), stronger curvilinear aluminum driver cones, and copper phase plugs (CNC’d to wristwatch quality) are added to midrange drivers to dissipate heat from the driver magnet structure while eliminating unwanted cone reflections. Cast aluminum driver baskets are strengthened, and overall driver accuracy, speed, musicality, and SPL is even more extraordinary. CAT ELITE loudspeaker enclosures are even more robust than CAT’s. Crossovers are more complex, yet reliability is taken to new heights. Bi-amping and Tri-amping each loudspeaker is more commonplace, as well as widespread use of CAT DSP’s – digital signal processors (usually up to 24 channels). CAT ELITE sound systems are larger than CAT systems, and require more design, engineering, project management, and on-site engineering/calibration/tuning hours. Most CAT ELITE systems employ large scale versions of CAT’s subwoofer balancing systems (the use of multiple, correct acoustically positioned subwoofers in the front, side, and even the rear walls of a room that work together in concert to provide near equal levels of accurate, quick bass to all listening positions). In addition to adding accuracy, speed, and musicality to the bass frequencies at all listening positions, CAT ELITE’s subwoofer bass balancing systems “SBBS” and subwoofer bass management systems “SBMS”, significantly reduce listening fatigue. These CAT ELITE subwoofer balancing systems usually deploy between 6 and 12 subwoofers that perform in concert to correctly balance the LFE bass throughout the room. Each CAT ELITE room balancing subwoofer “RBS” is correctly acoustically positioned, receives it’s own amplifier and DSP – digital signal processor channel, and is engineered/calibrated/tuned on-site by an acoustician, or a CAT ELITE A/V integrator, and on occasion, an actual CAT factory engineer.


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