Hide Your TV Behind Art

Hide Your TV Behind Art

As high definition TVs get thinner and lighter, more and more of our customers are asking us to hide them behind artwork and mirrors. Combined with an invisible surround sound system, it possible to have a really impressive home theater that’s totally hidden when not in use.

Some of our favorite ways to hide a TV include :

Seura’s mirror TVs must be seen to be believed. When off, you’d never know the mirror was a TV. When on, a crystal clear HD image shines through the glass. 4K options are now available. We recently installed Seura’s mirror TV at an Edgewater Penthouse and a Family Home in Weehawken.

Hidden Vision
Hidden Vision’s motorized lifts hide TVs, gun racks and other fun goodies behind mirrors or works of art. At the push of a button (or swipe of a finger) your artwork or mirror extends from the wall, flips to reveal the hidden surprise and returns to the wall. We used Hidden Vision to hide a TV behind Alfred Hitchcock at Soho Cigar Bar.

Future Automation
Whether you want to drop a TV from the ceiling, raise up from inside cabinets & furniture, or hidden in a moving wall, Future Automation is perfect for residential, commercial and marine solutions.  We used Future Automation to hide the TV in our award winning Minimalist Condo.

Vision Art
Hang art over your technology with Vision Art. Their custom built frames and seemingly endless image options house TVs in a range of sizes. Recess the housing uint into a wall or have it hung, the choice is yours. There’s also an option to use custom artwork and high res photos of your own.

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