Downtime may be impossible to prevent, but the vast majority of outages can be fixed with a simple reboot.  iBoot, a web-addressable remote cloud based controller, enables you to reboot remotely, so you can restore a downed device from anywhere you can access a web browser… iPhone App available too.

Why spend money on an IT visit or drive all the way downtown just to flip a little red switch, when iBoot can do it for you?   iBoot can be configured for Automatic Downtime Rebooting as well, either daily, weekly or monthly.

With iBoot, you no longer have to waste time or money going onsite to reboot downed equipment. iBoot is easy to setup, easy to use, and is perfect for remotely rebooting servers, digital signage, workstations, modems, routers, cable boxes and any other device on a distributed network.
iBoot-G2+ Remote Reboot via Web Browser

The iBoot-G2+ flagship version is everything you need to minimize costly downtime.

All iBoots (AC) are supplied with power and outlet cords for North America.

It can automatically sense trouble using advanced AutoPing and or Heartbeat Detector features and reboot to get you up and running fast.

The Graceful Shutdown feature minimizes your risks further by first initiating a shutdown or reboot of you Windows server. The iBoot-G2+ monitors the success of the Graceful Shutdown or Restart and uses the power control as a backup to insure a fresh start when you need it.

A USB port on the iBoot-G2+ can be used for local PC control or to communicate the Heartbeat service, eliminating the need for local network access. It provides a convenient ‘Back Door’ for debugging local network services.

Automatic Downtime Reboot

AutoPing : iBoot automatically monitors and protects your network. AutoPing continuously tests your connectivity to the internet or to any device on your network. When the network is down, or the device stops functioning, iBoot reboots the failed system to get you back on-line fast.You have complete control of the AutoPing parameters, setting the frequency of the tests, the number of tests required to take action, and what action is to be taken when the failure is detected. Perfect for:

  • Cable Modems
  • Routers
  • DSL
  • WebCams

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