Flood Protection

Since the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, area homeowners & businesses have become increasingly concerned with the dangers of flooding.

Whether the flooding is caused by a natural disaster or human error, there are steps that can be taken to better prepare your home or business. Installing moisture detecting sensors near hot water heaters, pipes, and other appliances will keep you informed, immediately alerting you if there’s trouble. Automated systems can even be programmed to close the main water valve and prevent further damage. Natural Disasters & “Acts of God” are harder to prepare for, but not impossible. Strategically placed sensors can alert property owners and proper authorities should the flood waters come raging.

Serious Designers live in the Hoboken area too, we’re well versed in helping neighbors and area residents take the necessary steps to protect their investment. Contact us today, we’re here to answer your questions.

Below is an infographic provided by My Alarm Center outlining the perils of flood damage and prevention methods.

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