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Leading the charge are the new Aeromax 2 & 6 bookshelf and floor standing speakers. Cambridge Audio offers an upgrade to the finish, construction, specification and most importantly, the audio performance of the existing Aero speaker models – introduced to universal acclaim in 2013.

While the existing Aero speakers continue with their classic style, the Aeromax range has an eye on the more modern home thanks to their luxurious, high lacquer, gloss black and gloss white finish.

Key to the game changing performance of all the Aero speakers  is the pairing of a full range BMR (Balance Mode Radiator) driver with a dedicated bass sub-woofer.

Unlike traditional tweeters, where the crossover between the tweeter and mid/bass woofer happens at about 3kHz, with a BMR driver, this crossover shifts all the way down to 250Hz. This means that the BMR driver covers all of the high and mid-range frequencies down to 250Hz, allowing the mid/bass driver to become optimised for efficient bass response, effectively making it a dedicated subwoofer.

The result is fantastically clear, natural and coherent, high-quality audio.

A new 4th generation version of the BMR driver features a specially revised honeycomb structure to offer better uniformity in all directions across the diaphragm, ensuring a smoother and more linear high frequency response for an immersive, spacious yet more detailed top end.

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One – the compact & all inclusive music system

We all love to play our music from a wide variety of different sources; but to guarantee playback normally requires lots & lots of boxes: a CD player, a DAC, a tuner, an amplifier etc..

The Cambridge Audio One is a compact music system that offers multi-source playback in true hi-fi sound quality and all from one box.

One has a variety of different analogue and digital audio inputs, including RCA, USB, S/PDIF and coaxial. It can play CDs or also wirelessly stream music from smartphones and tablets via a high quality Bluetooth connection.

Playback capabilities also include all your favourite radio stations via a built-in DAB+/FM tuner.

One also boasts high-grade audiophile components including a built-in class AB amplifier – 30watts per channel (8ohms), a large toroidal power supply and Wolfson WM8728 digital-analogue converter: just add speakers for a true high end sound.

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The Azur AV receiver range gets an update to handle future formats 

Featuring only audiophile grade components the Azur 751R V2 combines a powerful, immersive experience together with a stunning audio performance, whether listening to a movie soundtrack or your favourite music.

Dual custom Texas Instruments 32-bit DSP chips offer compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats, including 4K and 3D video, allowing the 751R V2 to handle future formats for years to come.

The high quality DACs, dedicated USB Audio input for your computer, oversize toroidal transformer and 200 watts per channel output ensure that 751R V2 is one of the most powerful AV receivers in its class; while Cambridge Audio’s proprietary ATF audio upsampling technology, upsamples all incoming audio to 24-bit/192kHz to deliver the highest quality sound with the lowest possible distortion and jitter.

The 751R V2 caters for a wide range of set ups and systems, with six HDMI inputs for Blu-ray, gaming, or satellite TV and two HDMI outputs for twin displays. There’s also a variety of digital and analogue audio inputs to produce the best audio from traditional sources.

Installation is easy thanks to the Audyssey 2EQ auto setup and room calibration, while the intuitive remote control – and front panel with an HDMI and RCA input – ensures anyone can enjoy using it.

The Azur 551R V2 offers authentic room-shaking movie effects, whilst also delivering incredibly high-quality musical reproduction.

The very latest Cirrus Logic dual 32-bit DSP chips offer compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats – including 4K and 3D video – ensure the 551R V2 will handle future formats with ease.

The 551R V2 caters for a wide range of set ups and systems, with six HDMI inputs for Blu-ray, gaming, or satellite TV while the six RCA connections will produce the very best audio from traditional hi-fi equipment. It is also incredibly easy to set up and use thanks to the intuitive remote control and front panel – with its easy access HDMI and RCA input.


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