Seura : Mirror TVs

Seura : Mirror TVs

Don’t settle for a traditional TV that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides the high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

Vanishing Vanity & Non Vanishing Vanity Mirrors bring HD & 4K TV to your personal space.

Vanishing Mirrors are designed with reflective glass that makes it possible for a TV to completely disappear when off.

Non Vanishing Mirrors are ideal in rooms with a lot of ambient light. Seura claims that their “own LCD televisions are, on average, double the brightness of a traditional LCD television.” Because of the nature of the super bright LCD screens, the TV does not vanish when off.

With customizable frames and a water proof remote control, Seura Mirror TVs are perfect for any room where you’d like news and media without making sacrifices to your decor.

Add an optional digital clock, only available with Seura mirrors. The built in motion detector displays the time when you enter the room and shuts it off when you leave.




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