Seura : Lighted Mirrors

Seura : Lighted Mirrors

Picking the right light fixtures and mirrors for your newly remodeled bathroom can be challenging. Séura offers elegant mirrors with built in lighting fixtures. Séura lighted mirrors are available with either LED or fluorescent lighting.

Séura’s finely crafted mirrors offer a bright, accurate, crystal-clear reflection. Reflecting 100% of red, green, and blue light ensures a pure, true-to-life reflection with no tint of blue or green. Perfect for applying makeup or other personal tasks requiring color accuracy in any lighting condition, Séura lighted mirrors do not disappoint. Resistant to black edge corrosion, Séura lighted mirrors stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.

Séura’s lighting patterns vary from minimalism to distinct originality. Séura collaborates with interior designers to perfect original patterns for their line of lighted mirrors. Some designs, such as the Lumin and Allegro, project a high volume of light. Others, i.e. the Veda and Forte, emit an ambient, complementing glow. Etched into the backside of the glass, these patterns are protected from dust and discoloration for a long, beautifully illuminated life.

Prefer something custom? Séura’s mirror etching capabilities are top notch. Virtually any design can be etched into the class of the mirror, leaving stylized patterns for light to shine through.Seura_Custom_Lighted_Mirror

Added Bonus : Séura utilizes erosion free mirror glass for every mirrored product that Séura manufacturers. Fabricated with copper-free coatings, Séura mirrors are not susceptible to unsightly “black edge” caused by ammoniated cleaners over time.

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