Sound & Video Contractor Highlights SAV

Sound & Video Contractor Highlights SAV

Yet another publication ran a story about the integrated system we installed at our 7th Buffalo Wild Wings location in New Jersey. Dealing with a large franchise has it’s own challenges, Serious Audio Video is proud of the aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly designs we create for each unique location.

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Sound & Video Contractor reports :

Once you’ve installed complete control and audio/video solutions in seven nearly identical restaurants, it can start to seem like a cookie-cutter operation. For Union City, N.J.-based Serious Audio Video, however, the eighth ELAN control installation in a Buffalo Wild Wings location was anything but standard.

“If this job had come from a new client, I might not have even bid on it,” Casey Johnston confesses. “Fortunately we have a great relationship with this and have completed installations in several homes of family and friends in addition to every N.J. Buffalo Wild Wings. It will continue to be a good partnership for both our companies, even as other locations come up on their seven-year redesign milestones. While this kind of rushed installation isn’t recommended or fun, working with experienced team members and familiar components help to make it manageable. My crew really showed their stripes on this job, and we now know that with planning, dedication, and a simple, reliable backbone like the ELAN control system, anything is possible.”

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