Samsung's $120,000 Curved 105" 4K

Samsung's $120,000 Curved 105" 4K

The Verge reports :

Samsung’s curved, 105-inch 4K TV was always going to be expensive. The only question was how expensive. Today we got an answer: Samsung has priced the set at $119,999.99, a cost that immediately puts it out of reach for all but the most wealthy home-theater enthusiasts. It also makes the $39,999 easel TV look like a deal by comparison. To be fair, this is one product that was never going to be for your everyday consumer. As evidence of that, Samsung won’t be producing this TV in bulk. Instead, each model is built to order. Anyone willing to pay for “a movie theater experience at home” can preorder one beginning this week.

 11 million pixels tucked inside a stunning metal frame. As we saw at CES, the back of this TV is just as nice as the front, with its curved wood finish. You can of course remove the humongous set from its frame and mount it somewhere in your home, though the wall-mount kit is sold separately.

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