Elan g!

Elan g!

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From state-of-the-art volume controls to award-winning Touch Panels and Touchpads, ELAN has products that can control and access all of your in-home equipment with ease, including apps for home and remote control via iPhone, iPad or Desktop.

No matter which control device you choose for a particular location, though, you’ll find the same consistent, colorful, icon-defined interface that is easy to understand and simple to use by family members of all ages.

Though you’ll find them there, ELAN g! systems are not just for mansions and yachts. Fully customizable and personalized, you’ll also find Elan g! in a single home media room, in a vacation home, or in a modest apartment. The technology is modular and expandable, so you’ll find an ELAN g! system for any living space; in every price range. Here are some examples.

Installations Under $10K*
Entertainment in a single room or smaller house.
■ Media Room
■ Home Control & Remote Monitoring

Installations Under $50K*
Whole home entertainment systems for the average house or larger apartment.
■ Automated Home Theater
■ Whole House System

Installations Under $150K*
Whole home entertainment and control systems for larger homes.
■ Large Scale Home System

Commercial Installations
Lobbies, office buildings, boardrooms, sports bars, auditoriums, etc.
■ Building Management
■ Offices
■ Hospitality

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