OLED from LG

OLED from LG

It’s no secret, we at Serious Audio Video love OLED TVs. The line of OLEDs from LG has some of the most award winning TVs in the market and their accolades are well deserved.

LG OLED allows you to enjoy the best shows and movies at home with cinema-like quality. Packed with a billion rich colors that virtually matches the vast range of hues seen in today’s high-end digital cinemas. With 8.3 million individually illuminating pixels LG OLED can power single pixels off fully to create an infinite contrast and rich blacks, so color can stand out.

Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, full richness, detail and an exceptional viewing experience, closer to what filmmakers intended.

FYI: Consumer Reports rated all the OLED / Ultra HD TVs in the market place and 7 of the top 10 are from LG.

“…better than any LCD-based TVs I’ve seen.”


Among other accolades, the LG SIGNATURE W7 OLED 4K TV was also recognized by Reviewed.com, CES Editor’s Choice, Engadget’s Best of CES, Best Innovation, and Best TV. Its innovative technology delivers perfect black and vibrant, true-to-life colors, unparalleled realism, depth, and an ultra-slim design.

OLED TV Global Awards

Twice Picks Awards 2017

Best of Innovation

Innovation Honoree

Engadget CES Best TV Product

Reviwed.com CES Editors’ Choice

tech radar awards 2017 Best TV

Best of Innovation

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Innovation Honoree

CES 2016 Awards: Best New Tech: Best TV

Best of CES

CES Editor’s Choice Award

Top Pick of CES 2016 Awards

Reviewed.com Editor’s Choice

Digital Trends Editors’ Choice

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